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Viajes Piquero Azul arises from a dream, to be able to share with everyone who wants the places that I have been privileged to know.

My name is Ana, and although I am a nurse by profession and I am taking off on this great adventure that is the business world, my traveling experience goes back many years, when I took my first plane to Indonesia back in 2008. Those who You know me, you know that since then I have not been able to stop traveling the world.

After visiting almost 40 countries, I have decided to embark on this experience to share what I am passionate about and to be able to bring any traveler the places that have impressed me the most, looking for the most economical rates so that you can enjoy this planet with any budget, hoping transmit the enthusiasm that I strive for on each trip.

I would not have been able to go on this Great Journey if it had not been for the people who have encouraged me to do so, asking me for advice and trusting me to organize their trips.

Motivated by the interest of getting involved in cultures from around the world and being able to help everyone who needs it to follow my example, Piquero Azul was born.

To help me on this trip and rely on the professionalism of experts in travel agencies, I joined the Europa Viajes Group, giving security and confidence to the traveler who wants to rely on my services, supported by one of the most important management groups in Spain.

And... what is a Blue Booby? This curious name arises from a more curious bird, the Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxii), endemic to the Galapagos Islands, in Ecuador. Possibly because it was one of my favorite trips, full of natural history (with each animal, lines from Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species came to mind), and where I learned, once again, that the best things in life They are free, it inspired me as a name for my little big dream. And shortly after, I decided to specialize the agency I had created in this wonderful archipelago.

I hope you enjoy every part of the planet with me as I do.

Have a good trip.

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